Why Go With a Tiny House??

Financial Freedom

Many people are adopting the tiny house lifestyle to get away from the traditional 30 year mortgage and ever increasing house prices.  A tiny home can still provide the essential needs of a home and greatly reduce rent/mortgage cost, utility cost, and property taxes.  With spending less money on bills, there is more money for the things that you love to do!

Freedom to Adventure

A traditional home purchase is a big deal, and its the right way to go for some people....but not for everyone.  If you have a hard time commiting to one place as your final destination or if you want to be able to see the country without having to live out of a suitcase, then the luxury of a tiny house might be perfect for you.

The Beauty and Feel of a Home

This isn't your average "tiny" camp trailer, motor home, or mobile home.  Just because something is portable and makes financial sense, doesnt mean that you should have to sacrifice looks, feel, or quality.